Review: Eddie Amador – House Music (Message Mix) (House)

This review covers the house track Eddie Amador – House Music (Message Mix).

This track was released in 1997 as a single.

The track starts off with a general drum kit and a voice sample. A high pitched string element is quietly added. The voice sample is then extended. It repeats multiple times. A synth chord then gradually comes in. This synth has some filtering added to it as it comes in.

When the string element drops out, the main synth melody then comes in, replacing the voice sample. The string element then comes back. The voice sample then makes a return, repeating multiple times again. This continues on for quite a while.

The main melody then drops out, leaving just the synth chords, voice sample, and drum kit. The chord then gradually fades out. From there, the voice samples gradually get smaller and smaller. Eventually, the track drops out completely.

For me, this is one of those tracks that tries very hard to be a staple track. It tries to be one of those anthem tracks for the genre. Unfortunately, it tries way too hard and ultimately wears out its welcome by the end of the track. This is thanks to overuse of the voice samples. This track could easily get away with it being used a couple of times, but unfortunately, it repeats the voice sample over and over again for seemingly 75% of the track at least. It’s similar to artists dropping their name in the track and hoping that this alone will make the track amazing when it ultimately just sounds cheap.

The chords and synth melody do work quite well, though. It almost has that electro swing vibe from tracks that have since been made. The chords offer some nice build up. Meanwhile, the main melody gives this track some very nice energy.

Ultimately, this track does have things going for it. The main melody gives this good energy. Also, the chords give this track some good buildup. It’s so unfortunate that the voice sample winds up being extremely overused. As a result, it makes the track sound tired and repetitive. So, while it is an OK track, the voice sample overuse really holds this one back.


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