Review: DJ Eco – Light At the End (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track DJ Eco – Light at the End (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2007 along with two other versions. One of those versions is the Lost World Remix which we previously reviewed. That track scored an amazing 9.5/10. So, we thought we’d try the Original Mix to see how that shapes up.

This track also features some harder trance elements. There is some piano elements in the beginning as well. The piano elements continue through to the breakdown. When the breakdown hits, there are some interesting synths as well.

During the buildup, the cutoff frequency of the main melody is automated to add more power. This is probably one of the best build-ups in a track I’ve heard to date. In fact, the build-up is so good, the climactic portion is almost anti-climactic in a way. The climax has some excellent sounds, but the build-up is just incredible.

The one thing I’m not a huge fan of is the piano. It seems to be just too overpowering and lowers the quality of the track. If it was brought back a bit, it might have been, ironically, a much more effective element.

The breakdown is pretty well done as well. The piano isn’t the greatest, but the structure and flow is quite sound in my view.

Overall, this is quite the great track. While the initial build-up might be just decent all around, the track really takes off by the time you get to the breakdown. The build-up is probably the most amazing part of the track. In fact, that part of the track alone is perfect score worthy. The climax is great and the construction of the breakdown is also well done. The only problem with the track is an overpowering piano that just seems excessively loud. Still, in spite of this, the track is quite the great track to listen to. Definitely worth listening to.


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