Review: DJ D vs. Nitrogenetics – Melodic Art (Gabber Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track DJ D vs. Nitrogenetics – Melodic Art.

This track was released in 2009 on the Melodic Art EP.

The most prominent feature is obviously the voice samples that were taken from the movie Tropic Thunder. While this is by far from the only hardcore track that contains these samples, the integrating these samples in this track was very well done.

The overarching melody was also very nicely done as it nicely compliments the overall tone.

The stringed instrument in the beginning did a lot of not only foreshadowing this track at the beginning, but also added a sort of hint of insanity o the overall emotion.

My only real criticism of this track was that it was a little bit on the drawn out side. If you got the version from the Masters of Hardcore compilation album, this issue was pretty much solved as some of the portions that draw the track out was removed and, thus, the track was shortened.

Still, I thought this track was quite well done overall. It really portrays the emotion of borderline insane anger quite well. The track had great levels and the way the audio samples were chopped up made this track work quite well. So, a recommended track if you want something with a large amount of anger in it.


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