Review: Dash Berlin Ft. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Sean Tyas Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Dash Berlin Ft. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Sean Tyas Remix).

This track was released in 2009 on a remix EP which contains 3 other versions of this track.

One major strength of this track is definitely the vocals. Even in the introductory portion of this track, this was a major strength in this track.

The introductory portion of this track also features a rhythmic synth and some string synth. This added to the strength of this track.

What was also great was the breakdown where it was just the vocals, a bass guitar, and a slow snare. The addition of the piano, string synth, and some effects really all added a great amount of emotional power to the track.

What really set this track apart was the addition of the broken chord that both changed things up and added so much more to the track. The automated cutoff nicely topped the sound off.

The production value was great as the climactic portion of the track very nicely brought all of these elements together.

Overall, this was quite a great track. Very enjoyable vocals backed with impressive synth and excellent flow made for a fantastic listening experience. Highly recommended.


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