Review: Da Buzz – Alive (C&N Club Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Da Buzz – Alive (C&N Club Mix).

This track was released in 2003 as part of a single. The source suggests that this is a house track, however, the BPM is much more in line with trance then house.

The track starts off with a simple drum kit and a bassline with a delay effect. After this, the bassline reduces the resonance. The track then drops and the vocals come in after a boom. This is backed by some choir and a synth melody.

The main melody then comes in with a gradually increasing cutoff frequency. The track then adds the bassline. After the melody ends, the vocals come in to take the track to in the verse. This ends with the main melody making a return.

At this point, the main chorus comes in backed with a breakbeat backing. A boom hits and the breakbeat element goes away. From there, a snare roll comes in and ends the main chorus. The main melody then takes over.

In the next section, the vocals come back with another verse. A subtle synth effect is also backing this section.

When the main chorus comes in, the vocals are backed by an additional violin element. This ends with all the elements fading away. The main melody gradually comes back in with an even more dramatic change in the cutoff frequency. After a snare roll, the track then starts to break down. The track leads out with a final boom.

The strongest part of the track for me is the vocals. Those were very well done. Not only do they give the track a nice energy, but they also give the track such incredible power. This applies both to the main chorus and verses.

Adding to this is the main melody. Backed by a great bassline, this melody really makes this track great. The adjusting cutoff frequency makes it that much better because it gives the track a great flow.

Even the subtle elements give this track such a great energy. The subtle choir and synth string elements just make this a great listening experience.

Now, as it stands now, this track is great. When I hit the section with the violin, I knew this track was being taken to a whole new level.

I, for one, like everything about this track. The vocals are great and the synth melody with the adjusting cutoff frequency was great. With the effects and added violin towards the end, it just was a real treat to listen to this one. This, without a doubt, it quite a great track.


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