Review: Culture Kultür – Forever (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track Culture Kultür – Forever.

This track was released in 2001 on the album Revenge.

The lyrics is one thing that sticks out to me. I thought it they were nicely written and add plenty to the track.

The way the track was built and how it leads from one element to another worked quite well here. I really like how smooth the transitions were and how everything just seemed to not only fit, but make this track have its own rhythm.

The multiple types of vocals worked quite well. The many different kinds of vocals really worked well in this track. They helped give this track a certain level of depth.

The effects were also a nice highlight. They really helped bridge one section to another. There were so many kinds of effects, that each transition just seemed to be unique in their own right. So, definitely nicely done.

The synth worked quite well. The main melody, while not a huge part of the track, adds a fair amount to the track.

My only criticism for this track was that I’m a little iffy on the vocals during the main chorus. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s elements I like and elements I’m not a huge fan of.

Still, I thought this was definitely a worthwhile track to listen to. It is certainly a recommended track from me.


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