Review: Creed – My Own Prison (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Creed – My Own Prison.

This track was released in 1997 on the album My Own Prison.

The track starts off with some guitars. Shortly after, the vocals come in quickly for a first verse.

A backup vocal joins the track as the vocals take the track into the first round in the main chorus. An instrumental section follows, though it is short.

From there, the vocals take the track into the next verse. Shortly after, some lead guitars come into the track as the vocals start hitting different notes. From there, the vocal comes back as the track goes into the main chorus. This is backed by some of that lead guitar this time. A guitar solo follows after this.

The lead guitar leads the track back into the next verse which, of course, is followed by the vocals again. After that next verse, the track then slips into another round in the main chorus with the lead guitar like last time. The vocals extend the main chorus. The backup vocals also join in and lead the track out. This track ends with the guitars fading out.

For me, this is one of those tracks that don’t really have too many major flaws. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there really isn’t much helping to make the track stand out.

Indeed, the vocals have that Pearl Jam sound to it, but that’s probably the best part.

The lyrics may have been a strong part, however, the vocals do tend to have a garble problem. As such, a lot of the meaning winds up getting lost and, instead, I get a patchwork of messages that may or may not be complete. So, the meaning is largely lost.

Overall, this is a fairly mediocre track. It doesn’t do a whole lot to make me wrinkle my nose, however, it does nothing to excite me. A positive is that it has a bit of a Pearl Jam sound going for it in the vocals, however, the vocals also garble some of the lyrics. As a result, the meaning does get a bit lost. So, a fairly average track for me.


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