Review: CoLD SToRAGE vs. TDK – Albino 2 (The Red Eye Mix) (Dance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers a dance remix track. The track is CoLD SToRAGE vs. TDK – Albino 2 (The Red Eye Mix).

This particular track was released in 2008 and is a remix of the chiptune song TDK – Albino 2 (8bit Mix) – which was a different version of TDK – Albino 2. The song was posted online for free, though the original page was, for whatever reason, taken down. It can still be found floating around YouTube and the original 6:22 track can be seen floating around on random Google search results.

The artist called it a dance song, though it shares a lot of characteristics found in progressive trance music (namely a progressive melody, dominant four to the floor drum kick at a BPM found in progressive trance. The only real ways this track differs from that is that this track has an intro and outro that is not common in trance music.

I thought that this was a very well put together track. It has a nicely done buildup and it unfolds into a very good listening experience. The song contains a really nice breakdown, then it builds back up to what you’d expect to be the same kind of melody, but the melody is slightly altered to really bring this track over the top in terms of quality. So, the overall evolution of this track is what really makes this one stand out for me.

Overall, this track has an awesome listening experience. Could listen to this again and again.



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