Review: Clubstepper – Fiddle (Club Mix) (House)

This review covers the euro house track Clubstepper – Fiddle (Club Mix).

This track was released in 2000 along with two other versions.

The track starts with a bassline, kick, clap, and some high hats. It then picks up with a voice sample and synth melody. An added synth pads comes in as well.

From there, a sweep takes the track to a drop. After some effects, a fiddle takes over. The track builds up with some synth effects. After an additional voice sample, the kick and bassline comes back. The fiddles main melody changes up with an additional synth jingle effect.

After a sweep, the track breaks down somewhat with the fiddle going away and a voice sample making a return. A synth effect is also present. An additional voice sample gradually helps build the track up with an additional synth pad.

An additional sweep comes in and the kick becomes filtered. The synth melody makes a return as well as the main fiddle melody. A synth is gradually layered with the fiddle for a brief moment. The fiddle melody builds up the track. A snare roll takes the track into the main portion of the track again. Like a previous portion, the fiddle melody changes up with the addition of a synth jingle effect.

After an additional sweep, the fiddle goes away and one of the voice samples makes a return. The track then breaks down one final time. A sweep leads the track out.

The best part of this track is definitely the fiddle melody. This is great because it is the main focus of the track and this element really delivers. The subtle synth layering also helps out as well. While the main melody works very well, the other effects thrown in really help this track along. The various effects really help make the main melody shine in my view.

What also makes this track so enjoyable is the fact that it has a great flow. The track pulls back and comes back in such a nice smooth way. All of the subtle effects that are there really goes a long way in making this so successful.

Generally speaking, this track has a great main melody and great filtering that changes in subtle ways. The synth effects really help make this a very enjoyable listening experience. One thing is for sure, a great flow certainly didn’t hurt either. Overall, a great track worth listening to.


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