Review: CIV – Living Life (Alternative Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track CIV – Living Life.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Thirteen Day Getaway. It also made an appearance on the video game Road Rash 64.

This is one of those tracks that really belts out emotion. It pretty much screams living life in ones own personal way and rejects others who want to shape ones own life.

The vocals do a very good job at belting out a mix of anger and just plain not giving a bleep about what anyone else has to say. The lyrics are also nice and clear. It isn’t just senseless screaming, but anger with actual relate-able meaning as well. The main vocals is probably the strongest part of this track and gives it ticks a few boxes on my personal list of what makes a great track.

Both the drums and electric guitars were also very strong characteristics on this track. They add so much melody and rhythm to this track that allows listeners to bang their head to this track. I thought it really added to this track.

The overall sound was also very well done. Nothing really overpowered anything else and this track was nicely balanced overall.

A sticking point for me in this track was that it was too short in my opinion. When a track is about 2 minutes or less in length, there’s only so much enjoyment one can get out of this track. If this track was 3 minutes, it would be more possible to get a fuller experience out of this. As it stands now, it has that very brief moment of enjoyment and requires several listens before I can fully appreciate it.

Overall, though, I thought this was a great track to listen to. I would definitely recommend it as something to listen to.


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