Review: Carl Craig – Butterfly (House)

This review covers the house track Carl Craig – Butterfly.

This track was released in 1997 on the album More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art.

The track starts off with some piano chords. A high hat then joins the track. A kick also joins in. The kick then drops out as a synth pad comes in. After that, the rest of the drum kit comes in. A synth string then comes in along with a clap element.

From there, a number of elements drop out. This leaves the kick, synth pad, and piano. The high hat then rejoins the track. A rim shot also joins in shortly after. A synth melody then joins the track. Another synth also joins the track, but more in the background.

There is a brief pull back on the track before everything is played out in full again. Emphasis on the snare is added. The synth pads and string is then removed. The synth melody is then removed, leaving just the drum kit and piano.

After that, the rim shot is added again. The synth melody then comes back in along with the backing synth. Parts of the drum kit pull out. From there, the track gradually fades out, leaving just the high hats and synth melody. The drum kit is then added again.

After that, the bassline is removed again. The track then ends after a bit.

One thing I do like about this track is the fact that it does have a nice sense of harmony throughout. The different elements fit so nicely together. In addition, there is a nice sense of variances with the few elements featured in the track. As such, it has that mix and match style I’ve heard in earlier house and trance tracks.

The problem I have with this track is the fact that nothing really makes this track stand out. There isn’t anything in the way of vocals or any major synth melody that punctuates this track. Because of that, there is nothing that really makes this track all that memorable.

Overall, this track has a nice harmony and is pleasant to listen to. It’s very easy to not mind this track as your listening to it. Unfortunately, it’s not a very memorable track and, as such, is only a fairly average track.


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