Review: Cake – Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Cake – Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle.

This track was released in 1994 on the album Motorcade of Generosity.

The track starts off with a clicking before the guitars come in. The vocals in for a verse.

From there, the vocals slip straight into the main chorus. An instrumental section comes in featuring a brass element.

In the next section, the guitars take over while the vocals take the track into the next verse. There is an appearance of backup vocals as well. This is capped off with an instrumental section.

After that, the vocals go into another short verse. The vocals then take the track into the main chorus again. Another instrumental section comes in with some brass.

From there, the vocals come in to take the track into the next verse. The backup vocals repeat elements of the main chorus. Some more guitars then come in and the track ends.

The tracks biggest strength is definitely the lyrics. They basically question materialism and how it integrates into the rock community. The ironic undertone is that while this rock track questions elements of rock, it is, in and of itself, a rock track. The irony here does work surprisingly well.

The guitar work, meanwhile, is pretty decent. Nothing amazing, but they aren’t bad either.

Overall, this is a decent all around track. It has some strong vocals and some decent guitar work. The irony embedded in the messaging works to surprising effect. So, a pretty decent track in my view.


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