Review: The Buzzhorn – Ordinary (Rock)

This review covers the hard rock track The Buzzhorn – Ordinary.

This track was released in 2002 on the album Disconnected. It also appeared in the soundtrack of the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

The track starts off with some heavy guitar riffs. After a brief transition, the vocals kick in. Some of the riffs in the intro are repeated during the main chorus. Despite the repetition right away, this adds a nice level of power to the track.

The next verse kicks in and the guitars go back to shorter notes. This holds the guitars back to give the track a nice amount of variety in the overall sound.

The track then contains a portion with longer guitar notes. This releases a certain amount of energy and gives the track a more serene sound. The track then goes back to a verse and chorus. The chorus is extended before the track ends.

One thing of note is the lyrics. They paint a picture of someone living a somewhat rogue life. Various themes of driving and speeding as well as living a rough life are themes within the lyrics. One great thing about the lyrics is that it depicts a sort of rebel life without necessarily hitting various cliches. This actually speaks well to the overall creativity in the track.

The vocals work well. They aren’t mumbled nor are they being drowned out by the guitars. They add nicely to the overall track.

The guitars also work very well. They have a very nice powerful presence in the overall track.

The only thing I find with this track is that the hats in the drumkit gets drowned out a little from time to time. Still, this is a minor nitpick as far as I’m concerned.

Overall, this track has great vocals, lyrics, and guitars. Elements of the drumkit might get drowned out a little, but this is minor as far as I’m concerned. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great rock track.


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