Review: Big Wreck – Ladylike (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Big Wreck – Ladylike.

This track was released in 2001 on the album The Pleasure and the Greed.

This track does open up with an interesting plucked string sound. The guitars then have an overall rock sound. If it weren’t for the sound from the beginning laying over it, I would say it was a generic sound. So, I would say this track has decent guitars. While there may be an interesting guitar solo, it does sometimes get a little drowned out from keeping so many other elements in.

The lyrics, what I was able to understand, were interesting. Unfortunately, the vocals makes the lyrics a bit hard to follow at times. The vocals are otherwise decent, though there was a bit of them being drowned out by the other elements in this track.

The one big problem I have with this track was that it was a bit repetitive. It started off good, but it was as if the producers ran out of ideas of where to take the track next. As a result, the producers seemed to just loop the good parts and hope for the best.

Overall, this track was quite average. There was some OK elements, but too few things helped make this track stand out in any substantial way. Rather forgettable if you ask me.


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