Review: Above & Beyond Feat. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Above & Beyond Feat. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Above & Beyond Club Mix).

This track was released in 2014 as part of a single. There are three other versions released with this track.

The track starts off with a couple of synths along with the kick. Some gentle sweeps build the track up. After this, some extra synths join in on the track. Shortly after, the vocals come in. As the track builds up further, some extra pads join in to give the track some weight.

The drop happens with a kick. This leads into some synth melodies backed by some subtle piano chords. The vocals come back in, joining the track again.

Some additional synths come in right when the vocals end. After this, the track backs off, then starts building up again with a clap element and some sweeps. The synths then come back and are backed by occasional vocal elements. This is ultimately where the track begins to reach its climax.

After this, the track, the vocals come back backed by some synths and piano elements. From there, the track then builds back up briefly before breaking back down with some chopped vocal elements and synths.

What I like are the lyrics. I really like how it borderline has an entire story arch. This really helps punctuate the uplifting vibe that has helped make trance such a great genre for so long.

Apparently, some people weren’t fans of the vocal talent in this track. I personally didn’t mind it. They give the track such a different sound as opposed to just the synths. In fact, I would say that, without the vocals, the track would have a bit of a bit of a generic sound. The vocals, ultimately, help give this track some punch.

The main melodies throughout the track really give this track a nice refreshing sound. They really add a lot of progression throughout, giving it an excellent flow. They ultimately reflect the refreshing mood initiated by the lyrics in my view.

My only real complaint is that the beginning and end is pretty generic sounding. While everything after the initial buildup and before the final breakdown is great stuff, I’m not so sure about these parts in this case. They give the track such a tech sound, yet the rest of the track is much more on the uplifting side of things. As a result, they seem a bit out of place.

Still, I would call this a great track. The vocals are great and they are backed by some excellent synth melodies. The lyrics work so well in my view. While the beginning and ending leaves a bit to be desired, this is still a great one to listen to. Recommended.


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