Review: Ben Preston – New Planet (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Ben Preston – New Planet.

This track was released in 2010 along with the track Petit Pois.

The track starts early with a decent synth. It carries into the breakdown.

Shortly after the breakdown, you get a secondary synth melody. A subtle choir-like effect is added. This effect is repeated throughout the track.

The first melody does repeat shortly after. It sort of gives the track a nice back and forth effect in its flow.

During the second breakdown, there is an interesting piano element added to the track. This gives the track an added sense of variety.

towards the end of the track, there is a synth with a slightly slower attack. The modified attack gives the sound a more subtle effect. It even almost gives the sound a metallic friction-like sound. It’s an interesting sound in the context of this track.

while the track has good variety, I don’t hear much of anything that makes me particularly excited for the track. It’s a good track to throw into a playlist if you want something that is somewhat non-descript, but with a little variety. A decent track all around.


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