Review: Beauty’s Confusion – Whirlwind (Wish Mix) (Downtempo)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the downtempo track Beauty’s Confusion – Whirlwind (Wish Mix).

This track was initially released online for free. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any official release page still available. As a consequence, we aren’t able to find any official release year for this track, but we believe it may have been released somewhere around 2004 or maybe 2005 (an official album was released in 2004 with the original mix of this song).

This track is certainly titled Whirlwind, but the lyrics and overall feeling of this track is more of an emotional and social whirlwind rather than the natural phenomenon.

If anything, this track shows that you can effectively portray social self-destruction in a way that doesn’t involve a heavy hardcore or a screaming rock track. The lyrics alone does a very good job at conveying the emotions involved. With a well produced backing of a whole soundscape of sound really allows this track to have a nice punch to it. This includes piano, distant electric guitar, and a guitar with an interesting panning effect added amongst other things that were used.

Nothing in this track really overpowers any other element. Everything really comes together as a well put together track. Even people who aren’t or never knew they could be a fan of downtempo, I think, can appreciate how well produced this track is. A great track overall.



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