Review: Bass Modulators – Radiance (Hardstyle)

This review covers the hardstyle track Bass Modulators – Radiance.

This track was released in 2014 as a single.

The track starts off with a snare layered with a clap. A more hardcore style kick comes in along with a few additional synths. An initial drop hits shortly after. From there, all there is is the synth.

After this, the track builds up with the hardcore elements and sliding synths. After this, te actual drop hits with a general kick sound.

When the track starts to build up, there is a piano and guitar element. This is joined by some string elements that operate as a main melody backed by synths. After this, some synth melodies take over along with a kick. The track goes into the main climactic portion with this synth melody.

There is a brief alteration of the melody, then the main melody continues. The track briefly breaks down, then goes into the main climax one last time. After this, the track goes into the final breakdown, ending with a synth with a delay effect.

The best part of the track is the main melodies. The way it builds up with an alternate melody before going into the climactic portions is very solid.

One thing I’m not sure is the intro portion. It is definitely hardstyle, but I’m not sure how much it actually builds up the track at the beginning. Meanwhile, the ending and final breakdown is better.

Overall, this is a pretty solid track. It has great melodies that meld into each other nicely. While the intro is a bit so so, there are plenty of elements that make this track an enjoyable one. While not the most amazing hardstyle track I’ve ever heard, there is plenty to like about this one.


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