Review: Axis – Come On (Trance)

This review covers the hard trance track Axis – Come On.

This track was released in 1995 as a single.

The track starts off with a sliding note synth. From there, a few more sliding note synths come in along with some high hats. The rest of the trance drum kit then comes in. A snare roll gradually comes in. Another synth melody comes in with everything else dropping out. Another snare roll comes in before the melody comes back along with the drum kit. Some piano then comes in. From there, a piano melody comes in with a few elements dropping out.

Other elements do drop out with a synth coming in briefly. Everything else drops out with a synth melody and a beep. The BPM gradually drops until a voice sample comes in. After that, a number of synth melodies, piano, and the drum kit return. Another synth melody makes a return later on. After a snare roll, numerous elements drop out.

From there, the sliding synth elements come in. Those sliding notes gradually fade out with the beeping synth returning. After a voice sample makes a return, the various melodies also make a return. Several synths drop out and another synth makes a return. A snare roll comes in and several other elements drop out. A new synth effect comes in along with one that is making a return. Everything else drops out, leaving just the beep and the synth melody. The BPM also gradually drops out with a final sliding synth leading the track out.

One thing I do like about this track is that the higher BPM does give the track that added energy. In addition to this, it isn’t necessarily dependent simply on the faster BPM to carry the track through. There are other elements that do make the track interesting.

One of those elements is the multiple melodies throughout. Some actually serve as a quasi-main melody while others serve more for adding a good rhythm. Either way, whether separated out or layered together, they each serve a purpose to make the track better. So, that is nice to hear.

Another interesting element is the dropping BPM. There aren’t a whole lot of tracks that gradually boost or lower the BPM, but this track does gradually lower the BPM twice. Not only does the track drop the BPM, but artistically, make it make sense for the overall track. So, I really do like that about this track.

The sliding note synths, especially what is found in the beginning, is OK. I’m not too sure about them necessarily. They are passable, but nothing huge.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It has a nice higher BPM that gives the track a good energy. The melodies throughout give the track good rhythm and something interesting to hear. The dropping BPM works pretty well. I’m not sure about the sliding notes sometimes in this track, but it is otherwise a pretty solid track. An overall good track.


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