Review: Artificial Intelligence & Kathy Brown – Someone to Love (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid drum n bass track Artificial Intelligence & Kathy Brown – Someone to Love.

This track was released in 2013 on the compilation album Drum & Bass Collection Vol. 1.

A prominent feature of this track is the vocals. They have that southern soulful sound to them. Because of this, the track almost immediately has its own personality. This really speaks to how much talent is behind those vocals in the first place. This is obviously not the first time such a combination of soulful vocals is mixed down in a drum n bass track. One example we’ve already heard was Nu:Tone Feat. Natalie Williams – System (Matrix And Futurebound Remix) and it ultimately proved to be quite a successful combination. In this case, I would say this track proves, once again, that combining soul elements into a drum n bass track can be quite successful. It worked quite well.

They lyrics helped set the stage for a great track. They give the track a rather joyful and happy tone throughout.

Some guitar elements were added to the track. They were prominent towards the beginning and appear during the breakdown. They weren’t bad. They added a little variety to the overall track.

The bassline was fairly consistent throughout the track. By consistent, I mean that it was almost always present, not that it’s repetitive and uses one note. It is layered with some additional synth to help give it some presence. They did a good job at adding audio atmosphere.

There was some string-like melody in this track. They could have added a lot of depth to the track, but unfortunately, it gets a bit lost between the vocals and bassline to the point where some might even miss it altogether. It probably could have been brought out a little more. The only time they are really audible is towards the beginning. They otherwise do add some texture to the overall sound, but they don’t exactly do much more than that.

Overall, this was a very good track. It has great vocals that add a nice soulful personality to the overall track. The lyrics give the track a rather joyful mood. The textured bassline adds a pretty good audio atmosphere, though some of the synth ends up getting a little lost in parts of the track. Still, a very good track to listen to.


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