Review: Aria Project ‎– Tears Of An Angel (Hemstock & Jennings Vox Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Aria Project ‎– Tears Of An Angel (Hemstock & Jennings Vox Remix).

This track was released in 2006 and was later released in 2013 by the artist for free streaming.

This track, as one can guess from the title, goes for an angelic sound throughout. This can be a difficult task for vocals, but I thought the vocals in this track nails that sound perfectly. It’s hard not to hear the vocals and not envision angels.

While the vocals were good enough to earn a positive review from me, the melody that was thrown in really helped elevate this to an excellent track. It’s simple, yet effective and doesn’t ever really wear out it’s welcome.

The overall sound atmosphere was very well produced as it blended trance-like sounds with that angelic vocals. This track was very well produced and mastered. Nothing was too loud or too quiet. Everything sits nicely together.

Perhaps my only criticism of this track was the brief talking in the middle. Some of it was a bit hard to understand. Fortunately, this was such a small component of the track that it doesn’t hurt the overall listening experience.

Overall, this track really hits it out of the park. It went for the angelic sound and it succeeded so very well. The track sounds amazing. With the only hitch being some of the words being hard to understand, I still say that this is a highly recommended track. Excellent stuff.


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