Review: Andy Tau – Late Nights (Akira Kayosa And Eldritch Project Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Andy Tau – Late Nights (Akira Kayosa And Eldritch Project Remix).

This track was released in 2010 along with a remix and a bonus track called Lost.

Probably the biggest feature of this track is the main melody. While in some respects, it is simple, it is quite effective. The simplistic melody winds up being quite addicting.

The melody begins shortly after the breakdown. Part of what makes the melody so effective is the different elements that continually change throughout. At first, the melody is just brought in from silence. It is then backed by subtle choir and pads. After that, more pads are added to keep with the progressive theme. After the main beat is added, there are some additional effects thrown in. Some of these effects add a subtle rhythm to the track. In addition to this, a sidechained element is added to aid the melody. The track then breaks down while repeating the melody. Overall, very effective.

The bassline is somewhat subtle, but does give the track a nice level of warmth. It also features a sidechained effect.

Some of the effects really helped give this track some nice textures throughout.

While this track is somewhat simple, it is quite effective. The main melody is quite simple with only some variations to be found. Still, what was added throughout really gave the track quality. The bringing in and changing of elements helped keep this track fresh. The effects helped give the track some rhythm. The sidechained bassline also helped with giving the track rhythm as well as some warmth. A great track to say the least.


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