Review: Alt+F4 – Alt+F4 (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Alt+F4 – Alt+F4.

This curiously named track was released in 2004 along with another mix.

The track gradually builds up. At the beginning is a couple of synths that provide rhythm to the track. It then layers in some bassline before breaking down a little. There are other effects before a general melody makes an appearance. While this isn’t the main melody, it does serve as a sub-melody.

After this, the track does break down to some fading pads. Only then does the main melody appear as part of the build-up. The main melody is layered with the sub-melody during this build-up. Eventually, with a bassy sound, the track kicks into gear. It’s somewhat difficult to really pin down the emotion this track is trying to portray, though. Still, it is nice to listen to.

A third melody does appear. It is a chime-like synth melody that takes the track into a second breakdown. It keeps going well into the second build-up and climax. This additional layer of sound really helps give this second climax a sense of finality.

Generally speaking, this is a very good track to listen to. While the emotion its trying to accomplish isn’t entirely clear, it nevertheless is a pleasant track to listen to. It has an impressive three melodies built in. Even with three melodies, the track doesn’t become muddied in sound. The way the track is laid out works very well. The introduction of the third melody during the second breakdown and build-up was a nice touch. Even though this track has a rather oddball name to it, it still gets a thumbs up from me.


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