Review: Airbase – Roots (Andy Blueman Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Airbase – Roots (Andy Blueman Remix).

It is unclear when this track was released. There are no known sources for this track that catalogues its existence.

The track starts with a trance drum kit and some synths. Some synth effects then come in. An additional synth effect then comes in. A synth melody then gradually starts coming in. The synth melody becomes gradually more developed. Some synth effects and the track starts breaking down.

From there, some synth pads take over. Some of these pads actually start echoing the main melody. A sweep then comes in and the pads drop out. A synth comes in to build up the main melody. A second synth melody also makes an appearance and it backs the first melody. An additional sweep and synth melody makes an appearance for a transition.

After that, the trance drum kit then comes in again and the synths provide the main melody again. A subtle piano is added along with several synth pads to back things. This climactic portion of the track lasts for a fair bit of time. The synth effect then comes in and the main synth melodies drop out.

From there, the synth pads continue on echoing the main melody. A synth is also added just to make for a subtle addition. Another synth effect then comes in before some of the pads drop out as well. A subtle reverse cymbal comes in and some more synths drop out, leaving largely just the bassline, a synth, and the drum kit. The synth effect then comes in and the track leads out with some reverberation and delay of that effect.

One thing that works very well for this track is that uplifting sound this track provides. The overall uplifting sound is very well realized.

The main synth melodies develop so well. It comes in with a lot of promise and pushes the envelope when the track finally reaches that climactic portion.

In addition to this, the overall flow and build up is just so well realized. The production quality is very well done.

Overall, this is a great track. It features a great melody and top notch production quality and flow. The uplifting sound throughout the track is very apparent and makes this track a stand out one. So, a great track all around.


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