Review: Accendo – Regulus (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Accendo – Regulus.

This track was released in 2010. It was released along with the track Arcturus.

The track starts with a bassline that contains some sliding notes. After that, there is the addition of chopped vocal sounds. There is the addition of some subtle piano sounds that gradually become more obvious.

The break down then hits. Throughout the breakdown, the piano element is present. During the buildup, there’s some additional synth notes being hit as well. After that, some chord synth elements are added. The main melody is then introduced, though its prominence merely goes in and out throughout the track.

When the climax of the track hits, the chopped vocals make a return. Eventually, the main melody is also layered in as well.

After this, there is a breakdown, though the main melody continues on well after several elements fade out. Eventually, there is the final breakdown which eliminates the main melody and, instead, replaces it with the more subtle synth notes as well as the sliding bassline and chopped vocals. These elements eventually break down before the track ends.

The good part about this track is the fact that it has a nice pleasant sound throughout. It’s not exactly high energy, but it does have a rather chilled out and relaxing vibe to it.

As a result, this track also has a much more nondescript vibe to it. As a result, there’s nothing that is particularly memorable in this track. It’s pleasant to listen to, but there’s nothing that really distinguishes this track from other tracks. Because of this, the track is nice to have in a playlist, but it isn’t something that would be missed if it was removed as well.

Overall, this track has some interesting elements. This includes the sliding bassline and a melody that ducks in and out of prominence. The chilled out sound overall is pretty nice to listen to. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that makes this track particularly distinguished from other tracks. While it’s nice to listen to, it can easily be a passing memory in the playlist. A decent track, but there’s better out there.


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