Review: 4 REEEL – Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix) (Hi NRG)

This review covers the Hi NRG track 4 REEEL – Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix).

This track was released in 2008 online for free streaming. The track became famous earlier when it made an appearance on the game Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. This review is about the extended version.

The track starts with an orchestral hit, some synth, and some vocals. From there, the vocals become more full and is joined by some brass elements. It doesn’t take long and the track goes into the main chorus.

From there, the vocals go into a hip hop style verse. After that, the brass becomes more prominent again as the track goes into the main chorus.

The brass then falls back as the track goes back into verse. The brass does make a return as they gradually fade back in. The verse is quite substantial as it takes a pretty sizable chunk of the track. After this, the track goes back into the main chorus again. The main chorus in this case is extended. After some repeats, the track gradually fades out.

What really makes this track distinct is the use of the brass elements. These serve as a main melody and really gives this track a lot of life. Even during portions where the brass is backed off, they still offer a lot to the track as it fills out the quieter parts. They work quite well.

The vocals also add a lot to the track. While there are hip hop portions, there are also sections where there is general singing. The marriage of the two styles really gives this track some nice variety.

My only nitpick is that some of the lyrics get a little lost during some of the verses. The lyrics are belted out at quite a fast clip and, as a result, they do get a little lost at times.

Still, this track has a whole lot to offer. There is some great variety in the vocals. The brass section offers a lot. Even the variety throughout the track is generally quite good. While the lyrics do get a bit garbled at times, that doesn’t stop this track from being a great one.


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