Review: 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This (House)

This review covers the dance house track 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This.

This track was released in 1992 on the album Get Ready!

The track starts with a chord synth melody. After a brief vocal appearance, the bassline comes in. From there, some rap-like vocals come in, taking the track into the main chorus. After this some samples come in as part of an instrumental section.

After this, the next verse comes in. From there, some female vocals come in. This is backed by a subtle synth melody. The main vocals then come back in.

At this point, the main chorus comes in which is largely instrumental. A bit of a breakbeat section comes in before the chord melody comes back in. The vocal samples are then used again.

From there, the female vocals come back in as a sort of secondary main chorus. The main melody then comes back and takes the track out.

If you lived through the 90s, this is one of those tracks that is completely unavoidable. At some point in your life, you heard this track at least once. This track is especially big not only in sporting events, but also found in countless sport-related movies. It is, at least at the time, everywhere. So, if you lived through the 90s, you’ll instantly recognize this track.

One thing I found interesting about this track is that the main chorus is very lyric light. There’s all of one or two lines and the track is immediately thrown into an instrumental section. Most tracks, artists like to punctuate the track with a very memorable lyric. In this case, the instrumental does most of the talking. It does work in this tracks favour.

What often isn’t shown off in this track is the female vocals. A lot of the time, when this track gets sampled, it’s largely either the male vocals or the instrumental sections. The female vocals are quite good as well.

The only problem I have with this track is that it leans a little to the cliche lyrics side of things. This is the only thing that tarnishes this track in my view. It’s by far not the worst example I’ve heard, but that cliche is present here.

Overall, this is a very solid performing track. Some people might not like it because they heard it a million times over in the 90s and early 2000’s. However, it has a lot of good qualities going for it too. The use of an instrumental section to take up most of the main chorus works in this tracks favour. The female vocals work well. Some of the lyrics do lean towards the cliche category, but this is the only problem I have with it. So, a very solid track overall.


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