Police Move In and Start Clearing Out Ottawa, Organizers Like Pat King Arrested

The 22 day occupation might finally be coming to an end with police arresting terrorists and organizers getting arrested.

After two days of warning, the police have finally started to move in and making arrests. Terrorists apparently built walls of snow in a last ditch effort to stop the advancement of police movement. As the officers began moving in, they continue to give the terrorists more opportunities to leave on their own volition. Some did leave, driving away in their big rigs while others opted to stay.

At last count, as of this writing, more than 70 arrests have been made and multiple vehicles have been towed. Police operations have been described as slow moving and methodical, involving multiple forces from multiple jurisdictions. Police were asked by media if the recently enacted Emergencies Act was used. The chief confirmed that it was used to obtain additional resources. Subsequent analysis suggest that the 100 checkpoints set up around Ottawa was brought about thanks in part to the Emergencies Act.

The Conservative party, who has been backing the terrorist occupation, have been trying to argue that invoking the Emergencies Act was completely unnecessary. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that invoking the Emergencies Act was, in fact, needed to get things moving on this occupation. After all, Alberta police did have an injunction in hand to get the border cleared. However, there was no movement other than warnings of arrests. However, a day after the invoking of the Emergencies Act, the Coutts border blockade was surrendered back to Canada. Part of it was thanks to the seizure of multiple firearms, ammunition, and other equipment from the so-called “peaceful” demonstration, but the Act ultimately became the precursor to police activity.

This was followed up with other blockades being removed as terrorists were forced to retreat. In fact, the Ambassador Bridge that was slowly cleared is probably the only police action that didn’t seem to involve the Emergencies Act. That action was brought on by an injunction by large auto manufacturers who were seeing shifts get reduced or cut entirely in the manufacturing plants. Without that injunction, it’s questionable whether that police action took place as quickly as it did.

Children Still Being Used As Human Meat Shields

For the better part of a week, there have been reports about the terrorists using their own children as human meat shields. One image that we found showed terrorists lining up their children at the border, getting them to link hands as they put them basically in harms way.

This continues to be a problem and police were able to prepare for it. Police have noted this action which seems to be unprecedented in Ottawa demonstrations:

CBC reporters on the ground reported police officers removing children from the protest site. One man who was arrested by police was being taken away while his family members, including children, were being led along behind him.

“Even through all the planning, it still shocks and surprises me that we are seeing children put in harm’s way in the middle of a demonstration where a police operation is unfolding,” said Bell.

“We implore all the parents who have kids in there, get the kids out of there. They do not need to be in the middle of this. It is not a safe place for them.”

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa said Friday it was working with police to keep children in the downtown core safe, but as of late Friday afternoon Bell said the organization had not been involved as of yet.

Many have described these dirty tactics as “horrible”, but it once again highlights that element these terrorists have of a complete disregard for human life. For some of them, their children are simply tools to advance their efforts. Otherwise, why bring your kids to a place where police are about to start arresting people in the first place?

Still, it’s good to know that plans have been put in place to make this process as easy as possible for the children.

Organizers Pat King, Tamara Lich, and Chris Barber Arrested

The terrorists, of course, tried briefly to use the tactic of saying how there are no organizers and that this is a movement of the people. Obviously, that was a laughably bad lie because there very clearly is a command structure. Organizers are well known for observers of this terrorist occupation. It seems that police knew about this as well and moved quickly to basically cut off the head of this illegal occupation. Reports are surfacing that three organizers, Pat King (sometimes referred to as “Rat King” by Canadians), Tamara Lich, and Chris Barber.

The move seems to be under the idea that they can’t let them continue to let them continue organizing and providing logistical support for the terrorist occupation. Reportedly, Tamara Lich posted a video as late as yesterday admitting that she might get arrested, though she apparently was OK with it. Pat King, meanwhile, was posting video’s making racist remarks against Jewish and Chinese people earlier. We’re not sure about Chris Barber, however. Still, all three are apparently in custody now. From the CBC:

Three key organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich, Chris Barber and Pat King, have been arrested in Ottawa.

Ottawa police took Lich and Barber into custody in separate arrests Thursday and both remained in police custody on Friday, which is when King was arrested as part of a larger police presence in downtown Ottawa.

Lich and Barber are each charged with counselling to commit mischief. Barber is also charged with counselling to disobey a court order and counselling to obstruct police.

The two have been described as key leaders of the occupation in Ottawa, which has now hit the three-week mark. Their arrests were among several made Thursday and Friday. Barber was seen a few blocks from Parliament Hill in handcuffs between two police officers.

Danny Bulford Reportedly Arrested

We are also seeing reports that another organizer, Danny Bulford, was also arrested. He reportedly approached police and asked to be arrested. Police happily obliged and took him into custody. Bulford is known for being a former police officer. So, some speculation is that he was one of a handful of former RCMP officers that helped provide logistics in frustrating police efforts.

These are definitely critical take downs. It will probably make things harder for terrorists to continue on operating in Canada.

Tom Marazzo, Benjamin Dichter, and Nicole DiCredico (Dictator Hot Donna) Still At Large

Of course, we also happen to know that there are a few organizers still at large. Two big names still seemingly at large are Tom Marazzo and Benjamin Dichter.

A third lower organizer, Nicole DiCredico, is also seemingly at large. DiCredico, who goes by the name “Dictator Hot Donna” was basically at the Ambassador Bridge providing logistical support for the terrorists to continue to control the Ambassador Bridge. She also “negotiated” with police during the occupation of that bridge as well.

While it is unclear if the police will go after them, the arrests that were made did put a major dent in the terrorists leadership.

More Footage of Reporters Getting Harassed Surface

There’s been more footage of terrorists harassing reporters surfacing. One CTV reporter was able to keep his cool and keep reporting:

We’ve also seen signs saying the media “is the virus” as well. Still, this is just another video to throw onto the pile.

US “People’s Convoy” Set Date of February 23rd, but Manpower Already Problematic

In the US, organizers for the so-called “People’s Convoy” which is said to go from California all the way to DC with stops along the way, are forging ahead with their own convoy. One report says that they have set a date of February 23rd which is next week. From NewsWeek:

California truckers tired of COVID mandates are expected to join a “Freedom” convoy to Washington D.C. next week.

Organizers say the American truckers’ protest, dubbed “The People’s Convoy,” will depart on Interstate 40 heading east from Barstow on February 23.

Truckers headed toward the nation’s capital are demanding an end to the Emergency Powers Act concerning the pandemic, and to “restore our nation’s constitution.”

A lot of American’s seeing this news are reacting with laughter and confusion. Some are openly asking, “what mandates?” in reference to a comparatively lax COVID-19 response. Others are, of course, pointing out that restrictions are basically controlled at the state level far more than at the federal level. So, as some are asking, why are they even bothering going to the US Capitol buildings in the first place?

This is basically de-ja-vu for Canadian viewers. It is actually a very similar story here in Canada. Many of the mandate responses are at the provincial government level, yet the terrorists decided initially to go to the Parliament buildings anyway in their demands to lift mandates. Of course, those calls quickly morphed into demanding the overthrow of the Canadian government. Trudeau rightfully noted that the demands to overthrow the democratically elected government is a non-starter. What’s more is that we was isolating thanks to COVID-19 infections spreading in his family at the time and needed to isolate. So, multiple reasons not to meet the terrorists in the first place.

Canadian’s have concluded long ago that this terrorist occupation had little to do with mandates – especially towards the last week and a half to two weeks. It was basically to overthrow the government and insert themselves as the new government. In one of their insane press conferences, one of them openly remarked that they are willing to work with the Conservatives, NDP, and the Bloc. Shortly after, letters surfaced demanding the Governor General to dissolve the government. Obviously, that’s not how any of this works and really speaks to the ignorance about how much the terrorists actually know how government works in this country.

It ultimately wouldn’t be a surprise if the US version – if it actually does move forward – devolves into that in the first place. These demonstrations in Canada have been rather aimless and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the US version turns out to be fairly aimless as well.

Still, reports are surfacing saying that the “People’s Convoy” is having problems recruiting people. Some are reportedly expressing hesitancy to join something that might be badly organized (“might”?). From Mother Jones:

As the anti-vaccine protests in Canada drag on, American groups are furiously planning their own domestic versions of the truck convoys. As I wrote last week, organizing efforts are gathering steam on the social media platform Telegram, where group leaders with white nationalist ties are delivering marching orders to thousands of followers—many of whom appear to be parents.

The American convoy organizers have been careful to project a populist, grassroots image of “everyday patriots” uniting to protest government overreach. Yet behind the scenes, some of them have connections to powerful organizers on the far right. The conflict between the two strains of the movement is playing out in chaotic and voluminous Telegram chats, where participants jostle for power and are sounding increasingly paranoid.

As recently as last week, the organizers seemed to favor a more-is-better approach, encouraging supporters to plan their own small convoys where they live. Some participants seemed intent on staging a demonstration at the Mexican border; others discussed coalescing at the Northern border, near the Canadian convoys. Two main factions have emerged: The People’s Convoy, whose official Telegram organizing page has more than 46,000 followers, is now rallying people to leave from Barstow, California, on February 23, with plans to travel to Washington, DC.

Organizers sometimes refer to lessons learned from January 6. In the OC Convoy chat, one member advises participants to turn off location tracking on their phones because “many individuals at the 6th brought their phones with them, took pictures of themselves, and didn’t conceal their identity,” allowing law enforcement to “pinpoint who exactly was where and when.”

“Starting to think the whole convoy project is a deep state operation,” another member mused. Still others warned against going to DC, because President Biden would declare martial law. “Americans are more aggressive than Canadians,” one of them wrote. “Not as polite.”

In the OC planning group on Tuesday, Sanchez expressed grave concerns about the lack of organization. “As of now, we don’t actually have any communications with truckers,” he wrote. “I personally have NO confirmation that there is a single trucker going with us on this convoy.” He continued, “I don’t want to walk into a poorly planned disaster.”

So, a lot of that is not surprising given what we’ve seen in Canada. There’s infighting and disorganization as well as problems finding the manpower like getting truckers to actually join the “truckers” movement.

With the Ottawa occupation in the process of getting dismantled, this seems to be the last major occupation that we are aware of. For a lot of Canadian’s, they are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that this whole thing might soon be over. Obviously, there are still fears that another blockade might pop up somewhere which lends support to the need of the Emergencies Act. While the attempted occupations in other countries have proven to be failures, it looks like the terrorists are now focusing in on their home land and trying to start things up in the US. It remains to be seen if they will ever be successful, but if it flops in the US, then there doesn’t appear to be any place left for them to go.

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