Police Handing Out Warnings for 2nd Day, US Donor Influence Significant on Analysis

Ottawa residents are still waiting to be liberated as police hand out more warnings. This as analysis of donor info suggest American influence is big.

Yesterday, we reported on how police were handing out warnings to the terrorists, saying that they need to leave now. Some heeded the warning, but a number of them chose to stay and continue to hold Ottawa hostage. Today, it seems that police are still handing out warnings to the occupiers, telling them to leave or face arrest. The terrorists are basically taking this as a sign that the police won’t really take action on them and are not only continuing to stay, but also breaking out the hot tubs and BBQ’s as well.

If anything, this lends support to the idea that they’ll never leave unless you force them to leave. It also lends support to the notion that the police are continuing to treat the terrorists with kid gloves as well. At 21 days, Ottawa residents have long concluded that this has gone on long enough and that it is time for the occupiers to leave. The question on everyone’s minds is when will the police finally move in and finish this.

New Analysis’ Show American Influence Still Significant

Foreign interference continues to be a major aspect of this terrorist occupation. Shortly after GoFundMe shut down the convoy page, Republican’s immediately responded, furious that their operation was getting disrupted and their cash flow was getting cut off. Some Republican’s were calling for an immediate investigation while others were calling on American’s who donated to contact their offices. Some openly attacked GoFundMe, crying foul over the business decision to cut their funding off.

Shortly after, Republican’s put together a series of new schemes to skirt the ban. After Republican’s received their refunds, they started funnelling cash through American Christian funding service, GiveSendGo. They also started smuggling cash through various cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, we reported on an analysis that shows that more than half of the known donations came from the US. This pointed to a substantial foreign interference campaign.

Recently, there was another data leak from GiveSendGo. This was followed up by another hack and the eventual shut down of GiveSendGo as they investigate how hackers penetrated their security defences (again). The hacked data was eventually obtained by Distributed Denial of Secrets and sent to journalists.

Those subsequent analysis of the hacked data still show that American influence still played a significant role in the pumping up of cash. From Global:

A new data leak shows that about 60 per cent of donors to an “Adopt-a-Trucker” page on the online fundraising platform GiveSendGo were Canadian and 37 per cent were American.

About US$540,000 was raised on the page to support anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Ottawa and throughout Canada, according to data on donations made up to Feb. 10.

The new tranche of data was obtained by transparency group Distributed Denial of Secrets, which has previously provided the media with leaked information from right-wing organizations.

The analysis shows that more than 7,400 donors contributed an average of about US$72.29 for a total of US$540,166.58.

So, even if it is less than half, that is still statistically significant that American sources are contributing heavily to this.

Of course, the funds are still getting stopped. Whether it is through the court order or the Emergencies Act being invoked, bank accounts are getting frozen to stop the funding flowing to terrorists.

Terrorist Charged With Conspiracy to Murder Police

Obviously, the lie that the terrorists are nothing more than peaceful demonstrators never really held up in the face of scrutiny. The number of reports of assault, harassment, intimidation, and psychological trauma pretty much puts that myth to rest. Of course, if that wasn’t enough, you also had the earlier seizure of a large cache of weapons at the Alberta border to pretty much add some nails to the lies coffin. We are learning that the investigation related to the weapons cache has yielded some serious charges. From Vice:

Two of four men charged for allegedly plotting to kill cops if they disrupted a trucker border blockade have connections to a shitposting far-right group.

The men were part of a smaller, more extreme group that allegedly formed within the larger anti-vaccine mandate “freedom convoy” protest that shut down the U.S.-Canada border in the small town of Coutts, Alberta. Police said intelligence sources indicated there was a “small organized group” that “had access to a cache of firearms with a large quantity of ammunition.”

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade,” the RCMP said in a press release.

As first reported by the Globe and Mail, a tactical police squad descended upon two campers and a mobile home in Coutts early Monday morning. They arrested 11 people and seized 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armour, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition, and high-capacity magazines.

“The dangerous criminal activity occurring away from the TV camera and social media posts was real and it was organized,” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki. “It could have been deadly for citizens, protestors, and officers.”

Three of the 11 charged—Chris Carbert, 44, Christopher Lysak, 48, Jerry Morin, 40, and Anthony Olienick, 39—face conspiracy to commit murder charges. The others—Ursula Allred, 22, Luke Berk, 62, Evan Colenutt, 23, Johnson Law, 39, Justin Martin, 22, Eastin Oler, 22, Joanne Person, 62, and Janx Zaremba, 18—all face charges of possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and mischief over $5,000.

The article goes on to explain the connections these people had to violent extremist racist groups as well. That pretty much meets a number of affiliation expectations at any rate.

One of the fears about Ottawa is the fact that we are getting closer to the weekend. Many point out that the sooner the raids begin, the better. This especially considering some of the “weekend warriors” will show up and inflate the numbers. The reasons for police to continue to wait continue to dwindle down to nothing. Hopefully, there will be action by tomorrow evening, though it’s unclear what is going to happen at this stage.

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