Petition Against Article 11 and Article 13 Reaches Half a Million Signatures

A petition calling on European lawmakers to reject article 11 and article 13 has grown to half a million signatures.

Resistance against internet censorship is growing by the day. Already, protests are happening on the streets fighting article 11 and article 13. Now, momentum continues to grow online with a petition calling on Europeans to reject those proposed laws.

Just two days ago, we brought you news of a petition on At the time, we noted that it was getting close to half a million signatures.

Ever since, the petition has been growing quickly. People are signing on minute by minute. Sometimes, the number updates every couple of seconds with more and more signing on. Today, when we checked the status of the petition, the total number of signatures has exceeded half a million.

As of this writing, the total number of signatures is 512,707. It seems that a lot of Europeans are noticing what is going on in the region and are upset. Many clearly do not want to see the end of free speech. They don’t want to see the censorship machine continue to roll ahead. They also don’t like the idea of hamstringing innovation with the link tax. So, many are asking what they can do to play a roll in stopping it. With this petition popping up, few are thinking twice and adding their name to the list of people who are opposed to all of this.

Some of the growth has been attributed to the media attention it is getting in different countries. Others might point to the campaign online such as what is going on on Twitter at the moment. Right now, there is the #saveyourinternet campaign. We’ve been monitoring it off and on over the past few days and it’s a campaign that has really gone viral with tweets rolling in minute by minute.

So, in spite of the JURI vote that happened last week, it seems that momentum over the Article 11 and Article 13 debate is beginning to shift back towards the “no” side. It remains to be seen whether the will of the people will be enough to sway lawmakers, but the growing wave of protest will no doubt increase pressure on lawmakers who caved to foreign lobbying for the time being.

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