Parler Loses Court Bid to Force Amazon to Immediately Restore Platform

Parler has been dealt another blow. The company asked a judge to force Amazon to restore the platform. That request was denied.

It’s another blow for the right wing echo chamber, Parler. Following the January 6 terrorist attack, various platforms have been less tolerant for those plotting and organizing further attacks on America. Some are pointing the finger at Parler for hosting such extremist content.

Apple and Google both pulled the Parler app from their respective web stores. While that was going on, Amazon delivered an ultimatum for the platform: do a better job at moderating and removing extremist content or have the plug pulled on you. The next day, Amazon followed through with that threat and pulled the plug on their AWS (Amazon Web Services) from Parler. Parler, in response, sued, demanding Amazon restore their services immediately.

Now, we are learning how a judge has reacted to the demands – and it’s not good news for Parler. According to CP24, Parler lost its bid to have the services immediately restored:

Amazon won’t be forced to immediately restore web service to Parler after a federal judge ruled Thursday against a plea to reinstate the fast-growing social media app, which is favoured by followers of former President Donald Trump.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein in Seattle said she wasn’t dismissing Parler’s “substantive underlying claims” against Amazon, but said it had fallen short in demonstrating the need for an injunction forcing it back online.

Amazon kicked Parler off its web-hosting service on Jan. 11. In court filings, it said the suspension was a “last resort” to block Parler from harbouring violent plans to disrupt the presidential transition.

Rothstein said she rejected “any suggestion that the public interest favours requiring AWS to host the incendiary speech that the record shows some of Parler’s users have engaged in.” She also faulted Parler for providing ”only faint and factually inaccurate speculation” about Amazon and Twitter colluding with one another to shut Parler down.

Parler said Thursday it was disappointed by the ruling but remains confident it will “ultimately prevail in the main case,” which it says will have “broad implications for our pluralistic society.” Amazon said it welcomed the ruling and emphasized that “this was not a case about free speech,” a point also underscored by the judge.

Parler CEO, John Matze, earlier said that he and his family are in hiding after receiving threatening messages as well as becoming victims of multiple security incidences.

At any rate, the case is definitely not going in Parler’s favor. It might be too early to tell if this is indicative of things to come, but it’s certainly not a good first step in the court process.

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