Ottawa Occupiers Told to Leave, US Occupiers to Soon to Head to DC

Ottawa occupiers have received another warning to leave Ottawa. Meanwhile in the US, plans for a DC occupation is announced.

The wheels continue to come off of the terrorist occupation. After the Canadian government invoked the Emergencies Act, the convoy seemed to be finally falling apart. Yesterday, we noted that the terrorists have surrendered the Alberta border. That marked the most significant victory for Canada since the liberation of the Ambassador Bridge. The dialed up heat of that act seemed to be having a very immediate impact at the very least.

Today, we are learning that the last of the border blockades have been surrendered by the terrorists. As a result, the flow of goods is now freely, if not, mostly freely moving again. Piece by piece, the occupiers efforts to hold Canada under siege is completely falling apart.

While that is fantastic news, Ottawa residents still have to deal with the occupation in their city still. As of now, it’s been 20 days of hell for them and relief can’t come soon enough. There has been movement on that front, however. Police have distributed notes warning the occupiers to leave. From CP24:

Police renewed warnings to downtown Ottawa protesters to get out of the parliamentary precinct Wednesday, this time with the federal Emergencies Act in their arsenal.

Officers walked along Wellington Street handing out notices to protesters encamped there, telling them they “must leave the area now.”

It’s not the first time police have issued such a warning, but it is the first time since the federal government invoked legislation that gives police new powers to take the situation in hand.

The bulletin says anyone blocking streets or helping others to block streets is breaking the law and could be arrested. It also warned the Emergencies Act gives police the power to seize vehicles that are part of the demonstration and ban people from travelling within a certain area.

“This means that anyone coming to Ottawa for the purpose of joining the ongoing demonstration is breaking the law,” the notice states.

The situation in Ottawa is still at a boiling point. Already, there is a viral video of someone known as Balcony Guy losing his cool and tearing a strip off of some of the terrorists (very NSFW language). It’s certainly not the only video of Canadian’s venting their frustrations at the occupiers, either.

The occupiers seemed to have thinned out in Ottawa, but there’s still the core hardcore extremists staying behind. They’re apparently under the mistaken impression that as long as their peaceful, they are untouchable. What’s more is that some have admitted that they are willing to get arrested. A lot of observers point out that they probably have no clue about the long term implications of their actions. Their ability to have a truck, the freezing of their bank accounts, the suspension of their license and a whole lot more are basically tools that can be used against them. Tack on a criminal record and it makes life a whole lot more difficult for them to find work (many have already been fired as it is).

So, really, they will only understand the implications of their actions only after they get arrested and convicted. Even then, some might still not get it even after all of that.

Second Attempt to Seize Control of Ambassador Bridge Thwarted By Police

At this point in time, all the blockades at the Canada US border appear to be gone now. As a result, the best that the occupiers can hope for is a handful of protests spontaneously popping up before immediate dispersal. This is a greatly diminished position for the occupiers as they basically are on the way to being wiped off the map.

One of the fears is that the occupiers will attempt to seize control of the Ambassador Bridge. Apparently, an attempt was made to seize that bridge a second time. The police, however, thwarted this attempt. From Global:

A convoy suspected of attempting to reoccupy the Ambassador Bridge was “thwarted” by police in Windsor, Ont., on Tuesday, the city’s mayor says.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Mayor Drew Dilkens said “law enforcement successfully intercepted the convoy before they were able to install themselves in our city.”

Windsor Police Chief Pam Mizuno said six to seven transport trucks were spotted travelling westbound on Highway 401, approximately 250 km from Windsor.

“It was learned that this convoy had travelled from Ottawa and is suspected that this convoy was heading to Windsor,” she told reporters.

She said the convoy has “since circled back, travelling eastbound on the 401.”

So, a relief to say the least. Still, it shows that the fears of an attempt to capture the bridge was justified in the first place. No doubt police will continue to maintain a presence to keep that bridge free from disruption.

American Occupiers Gear Up for a Convoy in DC

While the convoy is seemingly heading towards its last days now, their American counterparts are hoping to fire up their own occupation. Right wing propaganda sources are saying that an estimated (and very likely exaggerated) 1,000 trucks are gearing up for an occupation of DC. From MediaIte:

Eric Bolling announced on his show Tuesday that a convoy of 1,000 U.S. truckers will drive to Washington, D.C. before the end of the month to protest Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

This convoy, unlike Canada’s so-called “Freedom Convoy,” claims it will be able to protect funds raised to help those participating by placing donations into an escrow account.

On Newmax TV’s The Balance, Bolling shared an exclusive announcement that the U.S. convoy has not only organized, but that it will be cash-independent.

Bolling was joined by guests Dr. Ryan Cole, pilot Josh Yoder, and organizers of the convoy Brian Brase and Maureen Steele.

Cole represents a group of physicians who oppose mandates, while Yoder represents airplane pilots who intend to participate in what is being called the “People’s Convoy.”

Brase told Bolling he expects the moving protest to swell in size as it traverses the country toward Washington.

“I think you’re going to see it grow as we move across the country,” Brase said. “Initially, we’ve projected potentially a little over a thousand trucks right out the gate to start.”

So, there is still an effort to start something up. It’s unlikely it’s going to be as big as projected, but hopefully, authorities will find ways of shutting these efforts down quickly.

American’s Barred Entry Coming into Canada

With the stronger measures in place, American’s attempting to cross the border and join the occupation are apparently being turned away by border security. Essentially, if you are suspected of wanting to join the occupation, then you can be denied entry. While some American’s are being thwarted, a particular individual grabbed headlines for being one of those people that was denied. MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell was reportedly detained at the Canada/US border for attempting to cross the border and provide material support for the terrorists. From the National Post:

My Pillow CEO and staunch Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell, as well as a truck full of “10,000 pillows,” were denied entry into Canada Tuesday evening while trying to join Ottawa Freedom Convoy protesters, National Post has learned.

A senior government source said that Lindell, as well an accompanying videographer, were intercepted at the Port Huron-Sarnia border crossing on Tuesday evening as they were enroute for Ottawa to distribute “pillows and Bibles” to convoy protestors.

On the same day, a My Pillow truck carrying “over 10,000 pillows,” including 1,000 “Bible pillows” destined for the truckers’ children was also intercepted trying to cross the border through the Ambassador Bridge leading to Windsor, ON.

According to the senior government source, Lindell was turned back because he was not fully vaccinated and did not have a negative PCR test in hand.

The source said that truck was also denied entry into Canada because the U.S. trucker did not have a valid pre-arrival PCR test.

So, lack of vaccines and a lack of a PCR test was what thwarted him and his crew in particular. It was probably the easiest reason to come up with in the first place. Either way, he was denied entry and won’t be providing support for the terrorist occupation.

Canadian Accounts Getting Frozen

While some details still have to be worked out with the invoking of the Emergencies Act, we are seeing reports that some of these terrorists are finding out that their accounts have been frozen. In one instance, one of the terrorist showed his credit card being declined. He said that he has ways around this and called it government tyranny. He isn’t alone in experiencing this.

Obviously, as more people get tagged as a supporter of the terrorist occupation, more accounts will get frozen. Some smugly feel that they can just find ways around it all. My suspicion is that it will either not be easy or the workaround measures will end up being temporary at best. Right now, suspicion is sufficient to freeze an account. At this point, the pain of the Emergencies Act is already being felt by the occupiers.

So, it looks like the terrorist occupation is collapsing. Ottawa residents are left hoping that action against the occupiers will happen very soon. It is looking promising that these circumstances will finally be what gets authorities to move in and start taking out the garbage. The occupiers are already folding elsewhere and a sweep of the Ottawa streets might be the whole occupation basically comes to an end in Canada. We can only hope at least.

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