LAPD Hit With Data Breach – Thousands Exposed

It seems that one of the latest victims of a data breach is non other than the police. The LAPD is been hit with a data breach.

For some, the police may be where one would turn to if there are concerns about a data breach. In a pretty brutal twist of fate, it’s the police themselves that find themselves to be the victims of a data breach. Reports recently surfaced that the LAPD has become one of the latest victims of a data breach. From CBS:

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office issued a statement Monday confirming that the breach was discovered Thursday and “involved limited information about city of Los Angeles job applicants in a database that is no longer used by the Personnel Department.”

The names, birth dates, email address and account passwords of thousands of LAPD officers, along with thousands more applicants, were reportedly compromised by the breach.

The LAPD says it “is working with our city partners to better understand the extent and impact of the data breach. We are also taking steps to ensure the department’s data is protected from any further intrusions. The employees and individuals who may have been affected by his incident have been notified and we will continue to update them as we progress through this investigation.”

This marks the first data breach we’ve been able to note this month so far. Last month, we noted a number of security incidences including the SmartMate data leak. That leak was followed up by the Bulgarian tax authority data breach. That one saw 5 million citizens exposed. The month ended with a bang with the Capital One data breach. That saw 100 million customers exposed.

While this are a bit more quiet this month, who knows what August will have in store on this front?

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