Heritage Minister Pictured Clinking Wine Glasses With His Lobbyist Pals

Blatant corruption continues to be on display as the Heritage Minister was clinking wine glasses with lobbyists.

Yesterday, digital first creators were left reeling with a recent vote that brought Canada one step closer to having their careers completely and utterly destroyed by Bill C-11.

It is now the day after and creators are now digesting the terrible news. While the betrayal of Senator Paula Simons cut quite deep for some, it seems that, for supporters, that wasn’t enough to pour salt on the wound. Barely a day later, Heritage Minister, Pablo Rodriguez, posted photo’s of himself clinking wine glasses with his lobbyist friends at an event with the CMPA, a well known lobbyist organization lining the pockets of politicians to pass C-11 and carpet bomb the careers of digital first careers.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go over well for digital first creators:

It’s too bad he won’t speak to any content creators about this bill. Just another example of how ignored we’ve been on this bill. Heritage and the CRTC do not have the best interests of creators at heart… #c11 #RemoveSection4

Rodriguez in his tweet:

t was great to speak to @The_CMPA last night about the importance of Bill #C11 for Canadian film and TV production. Thank you for all the work you do for media production in (Canada)!

In the event the tweet gets deleted, here are the pictures of his celebratory victory lap:

You have to ask at this point, at what point does the conduct just wind up being straight up evil? Someone like him would know when a vote for his bill is coming, so the timing of it is just plain insulting at this point. There is no pleading ignorance on what is happening. They know full well what they are doing and are willing to throw throw dirt in the faces of hard working Canadian’s in the process on top of it all just for the laughs.

Still, we’ll see who’s laughing when the litigation paperwork starts flying.

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