Freezenet’s Submission to the CRTC Regarding the Online Streaming Act (Consultation 2)

Our Hail Mary throws to the CRTC continues with the second of three consultations. We show you what we sent.

Yesterday, I submitted a response to one of the three consultations. Specifically, it was the third consultation, or as the CRTC calls it, notice 2023-140. Of course, this wasn’t the only consultation that was happening. In fact, three consultations are happening concurrently. Two of these have the tight deadline of this Monday, so it was a question of priority. If I am unable to get through all three consultations in time (or both as it turns out as the deadline for 2023-138 is for later), which consultation looks like the most important and tackle that consultation process first.

Well, I only have today to work on this, and with consultation 3 now complete with such an insanely short deadline, it was time to get to work with consultation 2 (notice 2023-139). The necessary links to participate in this specific consultation can be found here. The accompanying documentation that one must read to at least participate can be found here. The companion documentation weighs in at nearly 4,300 words.

What’s more is that the format in which the questions differs from the third consultation. In the third consultation, the questions are embedded throughout the documentation. In this consultation, there’s a pile of documentation at the beginning, then two general topics of discussion that direct your attention to the two appendixes near the end. Specifically, these can be found in paragraphs 18 and 19 of the consultation document.

For those of you who are curious what I had to say, here’s a PDF version of my comments (3 pages long). For those wondering, this is technically the second CRTC consultation I have participated in with the aforementioned 3rd consultation being my first (hopefully not too confusing). If my responses contains no real errors at all, I’ll count this as a miracle given that I only had two days to produce a response to both consultations.

After hammering through both time critical consultations, I can definitely say that I am having the same feelings of what I had after taking final exams for my university courses. Nothing about that was necessarily easy, but what did you expect with a process designed to keep people like me out? I can always hold out hope that my efforts made some kind of difference in everything, though I can honestly say that I find it doubtful my submissions will ever be read in the first place. Still, can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

With the next consultation deadline being not in the next 48 hours, I’ll probably take the time to rest up a bit before pouring over documents that I’m probably also supposed to read as well before taking on the last consultation. Good luck to the others trying to bring some semblance of sanity to this whole fiasco.

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