(Completed) Air Up There

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(Completed) Air Up There

Post by IceCube » Thu Aug 13, 2020 7:08 am

Hello everyone,

I wanted to point out that we have completed the archive for the show Air Up There. You can check out this archive here.

For anyone out there who previously tried researching this show, yes, there is a LOT of incorrect information about the show. The vast majority of the problems seem to stem from mislabeled episodes. This goes for both tracklists and episodes themselves. While archiving, I did what I could to issue corrections about as much as I could. I think I was able to correct all of the major problems with this show, but if you catch anything else or have anything else to add, feel free to let me know. To my knowledge, what is on the Wiki no is by FAR the most complete and accurate sets of information around already. This took quite an effort on my part, so I hope you enjoy! :D

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