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Post by IceCube » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:21 pm

It really sucks that the events unfolded like that for you. I've had it happen where I miss a few days, come back online and see some big changes that happened while I was away. The fact that the site you've been a part of for so long suddenly vanished must've felt like a blindside or the rug being pulled out from under you.

To some degree, I can definitely sympathize. Stuff like that has happened to me multiple times where communities get disbanded or a community portal suddenly goes offline. When you are part of a community for so long, it kind of feels like family. When its suddenly gone, at minimum, that familiarity vanishes along with it. I know this is why when people are forced to go from one site to another, the theme of being a refugee often gets played out. For those who haven't experienced it, it sounds almost silly and trivial. "It's just a website, move on. There are millions of sites out there." Yeah, when it happens to you, your perspective ends up changing as a result.

For the UseNet community, there are no doubt options still out there. Unfortunately, for me, with the demise of several key communities in the general file-sharing discussion world, the choice for me was quite a bit more bleak. That choice being: build up a whole community myself or let what's left of this community die out completely. Despite the significant obstacles, I chose the former and now you have what you see here. I'm glad it is already proving useful for a few people already and hope it can help others like you in the future as well. :)

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