I Got A Letter: The File-Sharing Legal Letter Support Thread

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I Got A Letter: The File-Sharing Legal Letter Support Thread

Post by IceCube » Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:17 pm

As many of you already know, Slyck has effectively shut down. It came to my attention that some people were still using the site to seek support for file-sharing/p2p letters. Rather than let this resource fall completely by the way-side, I wanted to start this thread with the goal of extending that support. This thread is ideal for those who are hoping to help others in the event they receive a threat of legal action for file-sharing activity and those who have received a letter themselves.

A couple of things to keep in mind: if you are going to post the letter you have received, you should remove personal information like IP addresses, your e-mail address or contact details and your own real name. This is to protect you more than anything else.

Also, and it goes without saying, if you receive advice, it does not constitute legal advice from Freezenet or any of its operators. So, from a legal standpoint, you use this thread at your own risk. Additionally, as with the rest of the forums, the opinions expressed in this thread are solely of those of the poster and not of the website, staff, or operators.

Having said that, I hope this thread proves useful for people.

Stay safe,
- IceCube

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Re: I Got A Letter: The File-Sharing Legal Letter Support Thread

Post by bpaw » Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:27 pm

Thanks icecube for creating this thread.

Those who are familiar and those who are new may recognise the following passages:
We are solicitors acting for <some unknown company ltd>, a copyright protection society and joint-exclusive territorial licensee with <another unknown company ltd> of rights (granted by the original rightsholder and/or exclusive license <said unknown company ltd>) in a film sold under the name (“The Works”) which has been released in the United Kingdom.
We, <some unknown company ltd> have been given the right by <another unknown company ltd> to pursue infringement of their copyright.
It is with regret that we are writing this letter to you. However, <some unknown company ltd>, <some unknown company ltd> and <some unknown company ltd> are very concerned at their illicit distribution of films over the internet.

This letter will set out claims made against you by <some unknown company ltd>, <some unknown company ltd> and <some unknown company ltd>. We invite you to provide a full written response as soon as is reasonably possible.
The above are examples maybe the start of a so-called Letter of Claim (“Loc”), which forms the start of a series of letters to a recipient, which has been called “Speculative Invoicing”.

There will be others who have received such letters that may be different than the above, but because speculative invoicing has been going on for over ten years, so the approach in the start sentence in letters will change to maximise the effect. What is important to the senders of the letters is the effect it has on the recipients.

The rest of the LoC is trying to negotiate a settlement from the recipient for what is an ALLEGED infringement. Pay them money, and the threat they make of taking the recipient to court will miraculously vanish. Speculative invoicing as it is well deserved as a description.

Many who receive such letters did commit the alleged infringement, but there are far more who didn’t. There are many reasons why this is the case, which is far too much to explain or clarify now. But please understand to those who are innocent that those who were sent such letters in the past ten years didn’t pay the settlement and DID NOT GO TO COURT.

I am here to help anyone with any questions or worries. I have ten years of helping those accused.

Please register on here if you need help and post your questions.

Do not use a username that you do use anywhere else. Do not give any possible personable identifiable information on this forum. Do not give ANY possible information on anything that may relate to an LoC you may have received.

If you are worried, stay strong.


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Re: I Got A Letter: The File-Sharing Legal Letter Support Thread

Post by Stressed_Out » Sat Apr 25, 2020 2:19 pm

Hi again mate.
Good to hear from you and pleased you're continuing the fight against 'Fat-Andy' and crew.
Any updates to get teeth into?
Hope to hear from you.

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