Doctor suggests full face shields, no fighting if hockey resumes

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Doctor suggests full face shields, no fighting if hockey resumes

Post by IceCube » Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:23 am

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An infectious disease specialist believes hockey may have to take extra precautions to be played safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The doctor relayed a number of suggestions to TSN's Ryan Rishaug on Monday:

- Full face shields, potentially modified to further reduce the spread of droplets
- No fighting
- No scrums after whistles for linesmen to break up
- Coaches to practice social distancing and wear face masks on the bench
- Wingers to maintain two feet of distance on faceoffs instead of the traditional crossing of sticks and leaning into the same space
- No spitting on ice or the bench

Some of the recommendations - such as no scrums or spitting, for example - may be difficult to enforce during a game. Any such changes would have to be approved by the NHL Players' Association before they could be implemented, Rishaug notes.


I'm just visualizing a hockey fight that respects social distancing:

"... and it looks like number 16 and 37 are going to go at it! The gloves have dropped! They are pulling out their phones. They've opened up their browsers and gone to Twitter! Look at those thumbs go! 16 has dropped the F-bomb! 37 is launching accusations of the other player being a disgrace! The likes and re-tweets are piling up! Looks like the ref is intervening. He's tweeting out to the two of them to tone it down. Looks like it's over. This has to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a game!"

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