Feature Expansion: Adobe Illustrator Beginners Guide Now Complete!

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce the completion of the Adobe Illustrator guide. It’s an 8 part beginner tutorial.

It’s about that time of the month where the website tends to grow yet again. This time, we’ve completed yet another sizable tutorial. The software of choice for this months feature expansion is Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic program with many features. We use CS4 to teach it, but it is also just a beginners tutorial. So, a vast majority of the principles remain the same. The tutorial discusses basic concepts such as Raster vs. Vector images. From there, the 8 part tutorial continues into stroke and fill, the pen tool and layers, and text and gradients.

From there, the tutorial tackles some slightly more complex concepts like rulers, outlines, and groups, transparency and the clipping mask, and finally, effects and calligraphy. After that, we wrap things up with some final thoughts on Illustrator.

So, if learning Illustrator might be an interesting thing to do, you can head directly over to the index page here and get started learning. We hope you find the tutorial useful!

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