Exclusive Sneak Peak: Psy’Aviah – Lighflare (Album)

In this exclusive sneak peak, we take a look at a forthcoming album Lightflare by Psy’Aviah. We find out what fans can expect.

Psy’Aviah is certainly known amongst fans of synth pop and industrial music. We’ve reviewed some of their work ourselves with the tracks Long Way and Our Common End.

So, some may be asking what is next for this artist. Well, fans have been getting hints of that for a bit now. In November, Psy’Aviah released a music video of one of the tracks called Lost at Sea:

In addition to that, the artist posted previews of the forthcoming album as well:

That brings us to this post today. Psy’Aviah has been kind enough to share the album with us so that we have a better idea of what the music is like in this forthcoming album. We decided to write about what we heard on the album.

Now, from what we’ve heard of music in the past, there are a range of different styles this artist goes for. This ranges from the more industrial EBM style which features slower BPMs to the more synth-pop four-to-the-floor style tracks. Even with the two tracks we’ve reviewed before shows this kind of range.

In addition to this, Psy’Aviah does incorporate some additional influences from other genre’s such as ambient, trance, and a few other genre’s. So, really, there is a broad musical range of sound Psy’Aviah has shown off in the past already.

What is interesting is that Lightflare continues with this broad range and even expands on it on some tracks. First, there is the more familiar sound fans will know quite well. First, there is the slower BPM type sound fans may know well through the track Our Common End. This stylistic choice continues with the track Lost At Sea.

There are also four-to-the-floor type tracks including Reboot Reset Relay which features some of that sci-fi influence a lot industrial fans find attractive.

Of course, this album isn’t necessarily just more of the same. It also expands on the range we’ve heard in the past as it incorporates other stylistic influences. There is the orchestral elements found in the Great Disconnect, the rock influences of The Sound of New, the hip hop vocals in the track In the Sound, and the breakbeat influence found in Mr. Vanity. So, there is a lot for fans to explore in the first disc.

As some might note, Lightflare features two CDs. The first features original tracks with collaborative efforts from artists like Mari Kattman, MiXE1, Phoebe Stone, and Kyoko Baertsoen. The second disc contains additional tracks and remixes. The second disc is called Remix, Reboot, Replay.

Some of the remixers featured on this disc include People Theatre, Assemblage 23, Chaos All Stars, and Cyborg Drive. Some remixes do try and keep the integrity of the original tracks while offering a different twist to the sound while others completely transform the original track. With additional artists come additional influences such as progressive trance and house.

Because of this, you have an almost completely different listening experience with familiar shades of the first disc.

In the end this album can be described as having a little something for everyone. If you want some of the older sounds Psy-Aviah is known for, that is certainly present. If you want something new and different, that is also present here. It’s an album that hits on a number of different tastes, so there really is something for everyone here.

For those who are curious, the album is due out February 9, 2018.

We would like to thank Psy’Aviah for giving us the chance to listen to the whole album.

If you are an independent or unsigned artist or know someone who is, feel free to contact us if you’d like to pass along anything that is going to be released soon. You can contact us in the comments below or through my Twitter account.

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