EDRi Declares March 20 – 27 “Ultimate Action Week Against Article 13”

The EDRi isn’t saying March 23 is the only day citizens can take action. They’ve declared a whole week as a time for action against Article 13.

The European Digital Rights organization, the EDRi, is pulling out all the stops to help Europeans have their voices heard in the Article 13 debates. Recently, they even announced that they would be offering travel grants to some to help them get face to face with the representatives.

In addition to this, the organization is actively encouraging citizens to get out and protest Article 13. The number of protests expected to occupy the streets continues to grow seemingly by the day. This over top of the biggest petition in history which, so far, garnered nearly 5 million signatures already and is getting ever closer to the massive milestone.

For the organization, that isn’t the only things going on right now. In a recent post on their site, the organization has declared March 20 – 27 the “Ultimate Action Week Against Article 13”. From their post:

Public outcry around Article 13 reached a historical peak with almost five million individuals signing a petition against it, and thousands calling, tweeting and emailing their Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Despite the scale of the protests, legislators fail to address the problems and remove upload filters from the proposal.

Join the Action Week (20 March – 27 March) organised by the free internet community and spread the word about the #SaveYourInternet movement! Send Members of the European Parliament a strong message: “Side with citizens and say NO to upload filters!

The post goes on to say that March 20th is cited as the day to get MEPs to sign a pledge they won’t support the upload filter. March 21st is declared the Internet Blackout day where European websites blackout their websites in protest of the law.

Naturally, March 23rd is when the mass pan-European demonstrations are expected to appear.

From March 24-28, the week ends with activists meeting travelling to meet their MEPs to explain to them why Internet censorship is a bad idea. That, of course, is an initiative started by the organization with their travel grants program. The organization then ends with this:

We need the stop the censorship machine and work together in order to create a better European Union! You can count on us! Can we count on you?

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and bring you the very latest in this huge debate.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Google+.

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