DVD Bonus Features Released for Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream, an open movie made entirely out of open source technology, has released more content under the Creative Commons Licensing scheme.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

The movie made a big splash when it was released back in May. By the end of May, the movie was reportedly downloaded over half a million times. Earlier in June, more content was released for digital consumption.

The material includes 3 clips of ‘The Making of’ which is available for download as well as several clips for streaming via YouTube. This content is added along with the current releases which are the original score which was made by ‘WaveMage‘ (aka Jan Morgenstern), a high quality 1920 (HD) AC3 Surround Sound version, a 1024 AC3 Surround Sound AVI, and 3 different versions of H.264, and a couple other versions.

Another more recently announced release of the Lossless PNG version of the movie via BitTorrent.

Some wonder if there is anything on the DVD that is still not released online. It was mentioned in the DVD extras that there’s original texturing and models included on the DVD which has (as of this writing) not released online.

The success of this project was made apparent when the director also made mention in the extras that he plans on making other projects in this way.

Elephants Dream open movie was a widespread success, owing much of its position to a collaborative effort with the open source movement.

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