AntiSec Dump Targets Arizona Police a Third Time

The AntiSec movement, which in this case, is headed up by Anonymous, has posted another information dump. It seems apparent that targeting the Arizona Police department twice wasn’t enough and they have been exposed a third time.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

It didn’t happen just once, it didn’t happen twice, but it has happened three times. An AntiSec dump has exposed the Arizona police department a third time now. Anonymous, as part of the AntiSec movement, has issued a statement on pastebin:

For the third knockout blow against Arizona law enforcement, we decided to get destructive. We’re defacing eight AZ Fraternal Order of Police websites and releasing a master list of over 1200 officer’s usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Additionally we are leaking hundreds of private FOP documents and several more mail spools belonging to FOP presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, a police chief, and the FOP Labor Council executive directory and webmaster whose insecure web development skills was responsible for this whole mess. We’re doing this not only because we are opposed to SB1070 and the racist Arizona police state, but because we want a world free from police, prisons and politicians altogether.

In this batch of emails we found more racist email chain emails, including Springerville’s police chief Mike Nuttal forwarding jokes about torturing “ragheads”. FOP president Brandon L Musgrave was also forwarding anti-muslim emails while also purchasing large amounts of guns, so we’re dumping his paypal and credit card information as well. Other drama includes internal arguments over FOP positions, disputes over arrested FOP member Michelle Preiss, lots of crude anti-Obama jokes, and lots lots more. Amusingly we also were reading James Mann’s emails as they were discussing the AZDPS hacks and struggling to send out press releases explaining why they had a sex offender in their FOP ranks. Initially James changed all his passwords and pulled the AZFOP sites down out of fear of impending hacker attacks, but there is no stopping the kind of chaos we bring upon all those who cross our path.

Truth be told we’ve been passing around this password list amongst our black hat comrades for a while now. Much to our amusement we’ve been reading everybody’s emails looking for dirt and personal info, while leaking bits and pieces to expose and instill fear into the crooked cops of Arizona. However the list proved to be too great, and now we are seeking community assistance in going through everybody’s inbox to retrieve and expose their secrets. Go forth and bring mayhem to the lives of these corrupt officers, and tell us what you find on #antisec.

Let this third and crushing blow against Arizona police send a strong message to the ruling class around the world. You will no longer be able to operate your campaign of terror against immigrants and working people in secrecy: we will find you, expose you, and knock you off the internet. Many lulz have been had while we purposefully strung you along slowly and painfully for the past two weeks. We know exactly what we’re doing, so think twice before considering crossing us.

Hackers of the world, join us as we resist against the governments and corporations of the world, for there is enough bounty for everybody aboard the good ship #antisec.

What’s different about this dump is that it wasn’t posted to BitTorrent site ThePirateBay like the last two times. The reason it wasn’t posted to ThePirateBay was because the site is currently down for maintenance. It has been, however, posted to one-click hosters. The ISOHunt link leads to a 404 error as of this writing. No doubt this will be posted to BitTorrent particularly after ThePirateBay is back up. The file this time appears to be just under 55MB – the smallest file to date.

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