Announcement: You Can Now Follow Us on Mastodon!

We have expanded out reach again recently. This time, our expansion now takes us to the newer platform, Mastodon!

With the little time that we have had lately, we’ve been watching the drama unfolding between Musk and Twitter. Some of the developments have, admittedly, made us uneasy with our presence on Twitter. What if we, at one point, get our account disabled because of an unfavourable news article of Elon Musk? What if things start sliding in Twitter and it becomes untenable to continue on there? We really don’t know what the future is on that site.

However, we do sort of have an open internet still, so we started to weigh our options. What does the future of social media look like? The same thing or is there going to be a dramatic shift? Well, we decided to look at some alternatives to Twitter and Mastodon seemed like a reasonable fit. Between the decentralized nature of the platform and some basic level of support with WordPress integration, we decided that we might as well branch out and add support to Mastodon.

For those curious, our Mastodon instance is, as you can guess, @freezenet. This is a very wild experiment for us, but we think we’ve set something up nicely that will allow you to follow us on there. Additionally, we’ve added a button on the side bar that can take you there at any time.

For the record, we aren’t actually leaving Twitter for the time being. This is just adding a separate feed as a backup in the event things to go south on Twitter. Basically, we’re hedging our bets. Also, we are interested in seeing how Mastodon users interact with our content.

We hope you like this latest addition and look forward to adding even more features in the future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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