Announcement: We Have Switched Social Media Sharing Providers

Today, we are announcing a minor change in our overall infrastructure and how Freezenet appears on social media.

For a number of years now, we’ve been sharing our content on social media. News articles, reviews, and more get linked to on various platforms every day. We actually intentionally make sure we get that exposure via our official social media accounts. More exposure means more traffic which can lead to more ad revenue.

During that time, we’ve been using We heard about it back in the day and it made sense to at least give it a spin. We publish something and the service would automatically share it on social media. Obviously, the service does offer premium features. Had the service become a major source of traffic, we would have been happy to pay for those services.

As time went on, the traffic remained low. This despite our best efforts to publish high quality content on such a regular basis. Still, it didn’t seem to be hurting anything. offered three free posts being posted per month and, although we occasionally hit that limit, we never (to our knowledge) exceeded that limit. So, all this time, we’ve been continuing to publish and use that service. We are, of course, aware that many other sites were moving away from the platform, but we stuck to it simply because it, well, worked as intended.

Last month, however, changed their free services. 3 posts per month was no longer the limit. Instead, it would be 50 posts per month. The service said that it was their way of being more flexible for their users and that they had listened to the feedback. Actually, though, when you look at the math, this is actually more stringent of a limit. 3 posts in 30 days, for instance, is 90 posts. So, that is nearly half the limit in practice.

So, the question is, does freezenet hit that new limit? The other day, we found out, that, yes, we do hit that limit. We would have to wait an additional 4 days before the limit resets and we can see posts automatically posted to social media.

Now, you might have noticed that our tumblr does not, in fact, use This was actually part of an experiment to see how well another service performs. This is a WordPress service known as JetPack. When we hit that limit via, you could still see tumblr happily seeing fresh content while every other social media platform was basically on pause.

Now, we could pay their premium services and continue posting in an unlimited fashion. We looked at the traffic that we got thanks to and it became extremely obvious that we wouldn’t be getting our money’s worth. This especially since the other service doesn’t have this limitation and we can get this service for free.

So, this led to the obvious conclusion: switch to the other free service. As of today, we have shut down our other feeds via and activated them via JetPack. Truthfully, this shouldn’t really make much of a difference to you. The link structure will change slightly, but otherwise, you’ll still see the same thing on our social media accounts.

We, of course, would like to thank for being our provider after all of this time. Unfortunately, our needs apparently outgrew what their services were able to provide which basically forced our hand. Hopefully, this new service will work out.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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