Announcement: The November 2021 Wiki Content Patch

We now take a look at what we’ve added to the Wiki over the last month. This is for the month of November.

It’s that time of the month that we release our patch notes again. Last month’s patch was a bit of a smaller than usual, but we were getting reasonably close to completing the mega FSOE400 episode. This month, I am proud to say that work on documenting the Future Sound of Egypt 400 is now complete. All 50 mixes have been documented as best as possible.

With that completed, work began on more episodes that aired after that world tour started. As of this writing, we have managed to go all the way up to episode 422. This also adds a nice chunk of data to the site and gets a few step closer to providing a fairly complete picture of that show.

Over and above that, updates were applied for the latest episodes of the Future Sound of Egypt, Fables, Resonation, the V Recordings Podcast, and the Random Movement Podcast.

I am quite happy to offer an update with a bit more meat on it this time around and I hope you enjoy what has been added. We look forward to adding even more content in the future throughout the crazy month of December (hopefully, the next patch won’t be too small at least, but we’ll try!). In the mean time, enjoy!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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