Announcement: The November 2020 Wiki Content Patch

The official Wiki keeps on getting bigger and bigger. This month’s patch notes discusses what all we’ve been able to add to the Wiki for November.

We are getting closer and closer to the Wiki being one whole year old. The continual expansion never really ceased and more content just kept getting added on. It’s actually quite amazing we’ve been able to accomplish in under a year, really. Currently, we are less than 50 pages away from hitting the 2,000 page milestone. A lot of Wiki’s struggle to get to that number over a whole lifetime and we’re close to getting there in a single year.

As you already know, as per the November Wiki mini-update, we’ve been able to complete the show, Always Alive. This represents the completion of the 7th show on the Wiki so far. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time between the mini-update and now, but we have been able to add some additional content.

First of all, we’ve been able to update the Random Movement Podcast to include the latest episode. Additionally, we’ve been able to update the show Fables to include as much of the latest content as possible.

Over and above that, we’ve been able to update the show, Corsten’s Countdown. We’ve been able to extend the archive to go all of the way up to episode 700. Now, as some of you might be aware, episode 700 turned out to be the last ever episode. From Corsten’s soundcloud posting:

In this milestone episode Ferry Corsten has put together a 3.5 hour show filled with requests by his fans & fellow DJ colleagues only. Not only does it include the shocking announcement of it being the last-ever episode after 14 years, it also marks the start of a brand new show called RESONATION streamed live every week from the A State Of Trance studios in Amsterdam. Relive this last episode of Corsten’s Countdown with a trip down a 14-year old memory lane.

Obviously, this means that the archive is now, surprisingly, complete. So, what will we do now? Well, we know that the new show is called Resonation. Depending on distribution, we’ve decided to simply continue on the archiving process by adding this next show and continuing from there. We don’t have any information yet on the first episode, but we are going to patiently wait to see what comes out in the next few weeks. If we are able, we’ll add it to the Wiki and make this our third ongoing show. As far as we are concerned, this will be show number 9 on the Wiki.

At this point, you might be saying, “Wait, hold on. You just finished show number 7, what happened to 8?” Well, we are going to designate show number 8 as the next Drum n Bass show. We intend on archiving the show, V Recordings Podcast as the next archiving project. At the moment, we are working on the labels associated with the show, starting with V Recordings. So, it only makes sense that you can figure out on your own where we are headed here. So, why bother hiding it? There are two other labels we wish to add to the Wiki, along with another artist, but after that, we’ll dive straight into that archiving project next. It’s only 100 shows, so there may not be quite as much content to archive. Still, this is going to be a big project nevertheless.

Still, we hope you find the upcoming information useful as well. So, enjoy!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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