Announcement: The March 2020 Wiki Content Patch

Our monthly patch reports continue with the third Wiki content patch update. This announcement details what is new in the Wiki for March, 2020.

We are continuing to add a nice sizable amount of content on our Wiki project. Overall, we are focusing on one particular show mainly because this is one of those shows that gets a lot of people into the genre of trance music in the first place. Last month, we brought the show all the way up to 90 episodes which represents 182 hours worth of listening material. This is, of course, a very sizable leap in terms of content.

This month, our work continued in a very very big way. In fact, this will represent the most we’ll ever add to this particular show in a single patch. In all, we have archived a total of 349 episodes. This represents an addition of 259 episodes over top of the 90 we posted earlier. In all, by our calculations, we now have a total of 711 hours worth of listening content. This represents an increase by about 529 hours worth of listening material over the previous month. At this point in time, if someone wanted to binge listen to everything on the Wiki, it’ll probably take about 2 or 3 months to accomplish this now. So, at this point, we already have a tonne of listening material documented on our site.

In addition to this, this month’s patch also features some added bits of information previously missing in the first 90 episodes. This mostly involves time stamps and missing episodes. While we’ll probably never get every piece put together, we are now confident that a vast majority of the previously missing pieces of information represents everything we can find now.

At this point, we are extremely pleased with how much we have added to the Wiki at this point. We hope to continue this archiving effort and, at some point, expand into many other shows as well in the process.

In the mean time, please enjoy the show. If you are stuck on what episode to start with, we suggest trying episode 201 and going from there. It’s a great episode to start off and there are plenty of excellent shows after that. Alternatively, you can always go straight to the beginning and check out the full evolution for the show. This might take more time, but it is interesting to see how this show started from such humble beginnings.

We look forward to posting more on the Wiki in the future. Stay tuned for more!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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