Announcement: The August 2020 Wiki Mini-Update

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce another big milestone for our Wiki. Another big archiving project has been completed.

Last week, we announced a major Wiki content patch. That patch points out that a massive amount of the show Corsten’s Countdown has been completed. This left only a handful of episodes left to archive.

Well, it’s probably not a huge surprise that we managed to get the last of the show archived in relatively short order. We can now say that the archiving is officially complete and you can check out what information we managed to collect over on the Corsten’s Countdown index page.

The show itself does revolve largely around progressive trance. It sometimes delves into uplifting trance. At the same time, there are chunks of the show that go into house, progressive house, and tech house as well. It just depends on the episode you happen to be listening to.

In all, the show, so far, has 684 episodes covering what we calculate to be about 699 hours worth of documented music.

To be sure, this was a massive undertaking. It involved a lot of man hours (too many to count at this point) to complete the project. It started on May 18th and was finally completed today on August 5th. Last month was, of course, the most productive where there were countless days that involved the generation of 20 episodes of information per day. Some days even exceeded that amount.

I’m not going to lie, that was grueling. It’s easy to think that, hey a page with that kind of information doesn’t take that long. It’s just a simply grid with a template put on the site of the page. Throw in the information and drop some embed information and away you go. Sure, a single page isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself. Yet, then you run into raw numbers. Try visualizing doing that nearly 700 times. It’s not just a time consuming task, but becomes a particularly difficult mental endurance challenge as well.

Still, we got through it. We’d say we hope you are using and enjoying this new addition, but we already know that you are. So, we already know how worth it it all was and we are glad you are enjoying this new expansion. Here’s hoping that, over time, more and more of you will find these pages useful as well.

As for us, we are now looking towards the next Wiki project. It’ll be much smaller, but should prove to be an interesting one anyway. On to the next expansion project!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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  • D33b says:

    Nice one! Saw Air Up There pop up shortly after. Never heard it before. Took a listen and wow! I can see why you picked that one next.

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